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Hotels in the United Kingdom

When visiting the United Kingdom, you would probably want to visit the most famous cities on the island. We recommend that you book hotels in advance in order to save time and money searching for it on the spot. All in all, the United Kingdom has 49 large cities. We will focus on the most famous ones.



London is a city with a very rich history. England’s capital combines both: tradition and modernism. That is why it attracts two different types of tourists, those who want to indulge into Victorian England and the ones who are after fashionable shops and night life. As far as sightseeing is concerned, a minimum must-see list includes Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, good old Thames, Sherlock Holmes’s city. But if you have curious mind and free time, then you will find a lot of interesting things in museums, mansions and pubs.



The famous Edinburgh Castle on the hill and ancient king palace, the Palace of Holyroodhouse – these are the first places that come to mind when one mentions Edinburgh. In addition to that, it is a city of bagpipers, tasty food and special English atmosphere. The city hosts the National Museum, which is not a surprise. If you come to Edinburgh, make a stop at the Scotch Whisky Experience (the whisky museum).



Bath was a resort back in Roman empire. Its hot springs attract thousands of tourists who want to improve their health condition. And Jane Austin’s admirers would definitely make a stop here since the writer lived in the city.

Cambridge and Oxford

Cambridge and Oxford

These are two English city-states, which are mainly occupied by the students. Being a student in one of their universities is considered very prestigious. Newton and Darwin were among their graduates. While Cambridge is famous for its restaurants, historical pubs and libraries, Oxford is well-known for its dynamic campus life.


Those who would like to experience middle-aged England should head to York. It seems as if time had stopped in the area. It is the most beautiful gothic city in the modern Europe. York Minster and York Castle Museum are most admired by those who love Ancient times.


Nottingham is situated in the very heart of Great Britain and welcomes tourists who wish to see the majestic Nottingham Castle and to have a pint of beer at one of the oldest pubs in the world, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem. It is also home to legendary Robin Hood.

How to choose a hotel in the United Kingdom

The prices for the majority of hotels may seem high. We have selected the ones with adequate service and price. Hotels in the United Kingdom use standard 5-star ratings, we would recommend that you stay at 3-star hotels and higher. Take a closer look at the ones recommended by VisitBritain. Look for and pick the hotel most suitable for you. For your convenience we gathered hotels under three categories: price, star rating and location.

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